Exploration does not always go so well

[TT] Dragons always seem so old, all knowing. But there was a time, long long ago, when they were just starting to explore the world and it's frontiers, as we are now.


Cratherian appeared with a sharp crack of air to announce his arrival, and shook himself vigorously under a stream of water, shedding powder- unidentifiable but vivid pink and stinking of flowers- in every direction.

Torund-shah watched, nairs wrinkled in disgust as her fellow dragon twisted to wash away the noxious powder out of his wing-cracks and from under his scales.

He still smelled decidedly flowery when he came to lay beside her, wings spread to dry in the hot sun.

“What did you find?” She asked, hissing in amusement.

“Snacks,” Cratherian said darkly, baring his teeth- bright wings caught between several of them- and snorting his distaste. “Aggressive snacks with powder that makes to stink.”

“Well you did try to eat them, dear,” Snowscales said from their other side, her nearly-transparent white scales glittering. “Most things don't care for that.”

“Those black things last week didn't seem to mind,” Torund-Shah contributed, reaching over to lick away a bright pink patch Cratharian had missed. It was delightfully sweet, even if it did smell like the worst parts of spring. “Mind you, they also came out the other end relatively intact.”

“I heard Dava found a world packed with gold,” Snowscales offered. She shook her head, icy mane chiming. “He invited me to see it.”

“Because he wants to mate you,” Cratharian snickered, nuzzling Torund-Shah in thanks. “I believe he means to offer a nest.”

“I have my own,” Snowscales offered peaceably. She was hard to rattle. “besides, I heard from a nymph that there’s an opening to another world somewhere near that huge waterfall, and that monkeys are building a castle there.”

“No!” Torund-Shah sat up to look at the white dragon. “Monkeys don't build,” she added sceptically. “They hunt for bugs with sticks.”

“Supposedly these ones build,” Snowscales insisted. “Since it’s far north, I think to go see what it’s all about. If it’s true, they ought to be very amusing.”

“Just don't get speared. Some of the monkeys are dangerous,” Cratharian warned, purring under Torund-Shah’s continued ministrations. “Two worlds back, I found some with metal plating. Fun to crack open, but with very pointy metal bits to stick in the teeth.”

“I will be careful,” Snowscales promised lazily. “It could be quite interesting. The monkeys can be very inventive. Oh look, Bloodthorn is back.”

The dragon in question glowed brilliant red and fire followed his wings. He dove into the deep lake at full speed and sent a wave of chilly water in every direction. When he resurfaced, it was to a litany of hisses and snarls. He looked sheepish.

“The portal by the north mountain leads to a volcano,”