Casual Friday

[WP] "But wizards wear robes, not hoodies and jeans!"


Aoife looked down at her hoodie- proudly emblazoned with the words ‘My wand is in my other pants’ and the worn jeans below.

“But these are comfortable,” she shrugged. “And way less conspicuous. Do you know how many people bug me when I go out in ritual-garb?”

She finished wiping down her newest crystals with a damp cloth and woke each of them with a touch of magic, making them glow appealingly in the dimness of her coffee shop/magic store.

The woman across from her was her opposite. Everything about her- from her black witch hat to the ornate velvet robes- shouted Magic-User! from the rooftops. Her twisted expression told Aiofe exactly what she thought of the blasé comment.

“It is unprofessional,” she complained, voice artificially loud and clearly designed to catch the attention of the manager of the store. “It shames the Users of Magic to have to buy from someone like you.”

Aiofe sighed and set the crystals aside. “Ma’am, is there something I can help you find?”

Mama would kill her if she chased a customer out without at least trying to sell her something.

“We have some really great tuning crystals, and the bulk herbs are guaranteed to be fresh and potent.” She offered with a long-perfected Customer Smile. The woman didn't smile back.

“I bought some lavender here last week and it was so old it had no scent,” she continued to complain loudly. Her hat wobbled. “It completely ruined my spells!”

“If you bring it back we would be happy to exchange the unused portion,” Aiofe told her frankly. “Or if you would prefer, we have a truth crystal set up to verify failure of product.”

“You don't believe me?” The witch was scandilized. “Go get your manager, young lady! This rudeness has gone far enough!”

“I’m the manager, ma’am,” Aiofe said pointedly. She leaned forward on the counter to look the woman in the eye. “And even if I wasn't, we don't allow bullying our employees here. If there is a legitimate problem with a purchase, I am happy to take care of you. If you are trying to get something for free- which I’m sure you are-you can either prove your claims, or leave.”

“I have never been so offended!” The witch snarled. She made a gesture, magic glowing around her hands and Aiofe straightened abruptly. “For that I curse you-“

Before she could finish, Aiofe snapped her fingers, free hand resting on a long, richly-colored point of rose quartz. Her own magic came quickly and formed a shield around the woman, boxing her in with her own spell.

“How dare you curse someone because they won't give you something for free?” She twisted her magic again and imprinted the woman’s magical signature into a piece of tumbled, clear quartz. “I’m sending your information to the Magical Consortium. Get out of my shop and don't come back.”

Struck silent and released from the shield, the woman scrambled for the door with barely backward glance. Aiofe watched her go and couldn't resist one more tiny bit of magic to slam the door behind her.

“Wizards don't wear hoodies,” she grumbled. “Hah!”